Pace Literary Services -
Books, Novels & Memoirs  (no sci-fi, fantasy, action/adventure, or mystery)
There are two main kinds of book editing:  line editing, which consists of simple spelling, punctuation and grammar corrections; and content editing, which is more in-depth and covers consistency, development, style and pacing, and in some cases, fact-checking.  Line editing will usually be a per-page rate (or per 350 words), which can range from $2.50 to $4.00 depending on the subject.
Content editing includes suggestions and advice and will usually involve some rewriting on the author’s part.  This can be in addition to line editing for a $1 to $2 per page increase.  Content editing can be completed separately, but keep in mind that most books need line editing before being submitted to a potential agent or publisher.  That being said, I can do content editing for $1 to $2 per page, depending on the subject.
An additional option is to have your manuscript evaluated.  This helps to determine the viability of the subject as well as the quality of the writing.  An evaluation will yield several pages of advice and suggestions on how the project can be improved.  Standard rates are $400 to $600 depending on book length.
Websites, Brochures, Letters, Mailers, Proposals, etc.
If you have a project that is not book-length, it will probably fall into this category.  The standard rate is $65 per hour.  A per-piece rate can also be negotiated if that is your preference.
Copywriting  (Brochures, Letters, Mailers, Proposals, Advertising Packages, etc.)
This kind of project will always involve a flat rate to be negotiated in advance.
Ghostwriting  (Novel or Memoir)
You must have a signed publisher.  The standard rate is 50% of advance and 50% of royalties.  (45% with “as told to” credit.)
$75 per hour.